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How can we store all kinds of food in an environmentally conscious and fresh way at the same time?

Simply great practical storage
✔ GUARANTEED LEAK-FREE SOLUTION – Thanks to the self-closing zipper design, all bags ensure an airtight seal, so they are even suitable for storing liquids.
✔ FROM FOOD-FRIENDLY MATERIAL – All pouches are made of 100% food-friendly material, so they are perfectly suitable for safe food storage and food freshness.
✔ PRESERVES THE FRESHNESS OF THE FOOD – Cookies, vegetables, and fruits left in the open air quickly spoil and fade.

✔ REUSABLE, CLEANABLE – The bags can be easily cleaned by hand or even in the dishwasher, and can also be placed in the freezer.
A step towards a more environmentally conscious world!
The exact parameters of the different pouches:
Yellow Bag: 11*15 cm, 150 ml storage capacity
Red Bag: 14*19.5 cm, 500 ml storage capacity
Blue Bag: 17*24.3 cm, 1000 ml storage capacity
Purple Bag: 10.5*31.5 cm, 500 ml storage capacity

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