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Sniffing Training: You can roll food and snacks into the polar fleece of the toy, and teach the dog to sniff,

which can consume the dog’s energy to relieve its stress. 

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Taking 10 minutes of sniffing activities is very important for puppy growth. 

It can improve the dog’s concentration and problem-solving skills.

Safe Material: This sniff ball is made of durable and comfortable polar fleece,

eco-friendly rubber material and is very gentle on dog’s fur to ensure your furry friend is not harmed in any way during their play sessions.

Suitable for playing with small and medium-sized dogs: The pet toy is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, rabbits,

cats and other pets of any breed and age. 

No toy is indestructible. We recommend supervising your pet when using it.

Ease of use: Detach the cloth strip, put snacks in dog enrichment toys, and roll up the cloth strip to hide the snacks. 

Your dog sniffs and finds them and gets a tasty treat as a reward. It’s like hide and seek for your dog.

Easy to Clean: The plush toy can be hand and machine washed. 

When cleaning, you just need to put the dog toy and a small amount of detergent in the washing machine. 

We recommend that you clean twice a week to ensure the health of you and your dog.


 Material: polar fleece

Color: Colorful

Weight: 270g



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