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Number Train Magnetic Number Train Magnetic Letter Train

To help children understand numbers, this set of toys makes it easier for children to learn numbers.


Children can learn knowledge by playing with toys.

This toy can not only exercise children’s thinking ability, but also exercise children’s hands-on ability.

Training motor skills. Choose settings or the best of both worlds and start learning and playing!

It is made of high-quality wood, The surface is smooth without burrs.
Resistant to falling and falling, not easy to crack.

If you are still worrying about choosing toys for your child, this will reduce your burden.


Material: Wood, Magnetic

Size: 9.5in*6.5in*1.8in(12) / 11in*9.4in*1.8in(27)

Weight: 400G(12) / 950G(27)

Include: 1 set of magnetic train

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