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Always in perfect shape

Avoid smudging ink and brush: with this eyeliner you have two options in one place. 
The ink contains high pigmentation, which allows it to be applied evenly and richly.
If you’ve always wanted the perfect eyeliner look, but are having trouble applying it or it just takes too long, this is the perfect product for you.
The natural and gentle formula will ensure that your eyes are not irritated.

Easy and fast! 

Applying eyeliner is quick and easy, forms a perfect line and the way is the easiest so far. Your eyes will be beautifully highlighted with every use. The ink dries quickly, so that smudged lines are avoided.
The formula is waterproof with exceptional pigmentation, which prevents the ink from fading.
No professional knowledge is required for application, but a professional look can still be achieved.
The product has not been tested on animals.

How to use it:

1.Press a stamp in the outer corner of the eye onto the eyelid. 

2.Use an eyeliner to fill in the line on the eyelid.

Technical features:

Black colour 

The package includes: 1 pencil with an eyeliner on one side and a stamp on the other.

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